A revolution in the golf industry

All parameters affecting golf rounds
are taken into account
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Revenue optimization by adjusting
green fees to demand forecast
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Total control on prices through
tailor-made algorithms
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Statistical analysis and
reporting on the impact of prices strategies
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Parameters affecting green fees

Tee time

Date of departure

Time to expiration

Current sales

Usual prices


Ground conditions

Historical data



Key information to choose optimal prices


Demand forecast for every time slot for the coming weeks.


Prices that maximize revenue according to our models.

Summary report

Relevant data summed up and displayed in a single web page.

We go further, by making the application interactive

Remain in full control thanks to our revenue simulator

Type in the prices you want

We calculate the associated demand forecast and revenue.

See the impact on your revenue.

Once you’ve made your choice, save your prices and broadcast them to your distribution channels in one click.

View your data and enhance your development strategies

Annual and monthly reports

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Revenue monitoring

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Sales monitoring

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Occupancy rate

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Customer segmentation

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Online or on-site payments

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Weather impact

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Green fees discounts

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